Upstream Social Tracking Services

Social networking has become vital to small businesses. While it is important to cover multiple channels with your brand and understand their value. this allows business owners to review the risks and rewards of their various marketing efforts.

There are two levels of analysis when it comes to social networks – there is the data from social users and the data for users on your page and the data of the social referrer traffic on your brand website. It is the small business owners job to determine how best to drive users from their social networking pages, to their landing pages and conversion pages.

To measure activity on your small businesses social networks it is best to find a service that can measure and export the data you need. Below is a list of popular social management tools that should fall within the budget of any small business. They are organized by good, better and best as shown on their company websites.

Platform Service Level Cost per Month
Crowdbooster Good $9.00
Hootsuite Good $9.99
postling Standard $10.00
Crowdbooster Better $49.00
Buffer Good $50.00
sproutsocial Good $59.00
sproutsocial Better $99.00
postling Managed (low end) $99.00
Raven Tools Good $99.00
Buffer Better $100.00
Crowdbooster Best $119.00
Argyle Social Good $200.00
postling Managed (upper end) $249.00
Raven Tools Best $249.00
Buffer Best $250.00
sproutsocial Best $500.00
Argyle Social Better $600.00
Argyle Social Best $1100.00

This list will allow you to quickly deduce how many choices your budget will allow. Establish a list of each platform that falls within your budget and test them over a meaningful period of time.

Downstream Social Tracking Tactics

Measuring the success of their social activity is all well and good – but it is essential that small business owners leverage their social presence to drive sales or conversions on their brand website. This is where your web analytics software comes into play. Google Analytics has been free and accessible to users since 2005. Marketers and small business owners can use it to measure their KPI metrics by somewhere around 226 dimensions.

Below is a word cloud of the measurable dimensions in GA. Pretty extensive no?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 1.19.21 PM

In order to tap into this deeper level of intelligence it is necessary to tag the social posts that link to your website with the following information.

  • Source: Which social referrer (Facebook/Google+/Twitter)
    • This allows you to determine which network the traffic originated from.
  • Medium: Channel of the traffic (social/paid social/brand social)
    • This allows you to determine if the post was created by you, or by your marketing service
  • Campaign Name: Promotion umbrella for posts
    • This allows you to group traffic by different social promotions
  • Campaign Content (Copy in the post)
    • This allows you to separate individual posts during a marketing initiative.

To compose links properly it is a good idea to use – Google’s URL Builder. As a side note – even if you shorten the links the data will be preserved.

After you have tagged your links you will see data pulled into your campaign reports in Google Analytics like so.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.39.03 PM

Social Tracking in a Nutshell

With this data being pulled in it will be possible to measure things like :

  1. KPIs like Conversion rate, AOV, and RPV by social network
  2. The success of individual posts to drive revenue
  3. Engagement of different social posts (Replicate the success of valuable social posts in the future)
  4. The impact of social posts/campaigns/networks on individual pages
  5. The impact of landing pages optimized for social traffic
  6. The new/returning visitor rate by post/campaign/network
  7. The bounce rate by  post/campaign/network
  8. The value as a first touch and last touch interaction in the multi-channel funnel reports (useful for attribution modeling)
  9. The time lag for conversions across post/campaign/network
  10. Review demographics like gender or interests by post/campaign/network using the DCF cookie

This is just a cursory list of the available insights for your social traffic with the proper tracking in place. There are many more things that can be done to learn more about how to advance your business goals through social networking!

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