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Benefits of TruVisibility eCommerce

TruVisibility now offers a way for business owners to create an online store on their TruVisibility website.  Sell  products and services online, 24/7/365. While the TruVisibility private beta is still running, we are giving all customers the ability to use this new eCommerce feature at no commitment, no charge!

TruVisibility is a fully packed online marketing solution that will help small businesses grow online. Now with eCommerce features, you can start making money online directly from your website.

Organize Collections

Keep all your products and services organized by collections to make it easier for online shoppers to find what they are looking for. Create as many or as few collections as you need.

Manage Products and Services

Create products or services that you can sell online. Upload images of your product or service and customize different product options that are available, such as size, color, length, height, or create your own custom options.

Control Taxes and Shipping Cost

Create a simple or complex structure for your taxes or shipping cost. We give you multiple options to drill down these fees by state or country, and for shipping you can create a weight based or price based tiered structure.

Run Promotions

Create promotions that offers shoppers discounts on your store. Setup a unique code, an expiration date and start sending out your promotions to prospects or customers.

Easy Checkout Process

Give your online shoppers an easy checkout process. In as little as 5 steps, they can complete their shopping experience and process their payments via PayPal, Money Order or Check.

Sell 24/7/365

Your website becomes another Sales person for you that sells 24/7/265. Your site will be working while you are sleeping, on vacation, or doing other things.

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