When we start working with a new customer on designing a website, we always look for what inspires them. We all have our own taste and opinion of what looks good, and it is important to understand what each of customer thinks looks good to them.

Whether you are designing a website yourself, or working with a professional that’s designing a website for you, here are some tips to help you find inspiration when working on the design of your website.

Research Competitors

Research CompetitorsLook at your competitors websites and see what they are doing. Look at the layout, colors, backgrounds, images, navigation, forms and other functionality they offer to their customers. Make a note of what you like or what you think your customers will like. At the same time, note what you think doesn’t work, so you can stay away from making the same mistakes.

Find Other Sites You Like

Start checking out other websites, unrelated to your industry and see what they are doing. If you look at different sites you can grab design inspirations that can make your website unique in your industry. You might find that your competitors all use a certain layout, but you may find something in a completely different industry that would help to make your site unique from your competitors.

Draw It On a Paper Napkin

It doesn’t literally have to be a paper napkin, but start sketching ideas you have for your website on paper. This will make it a lot easier if you need to talk to someone about your ideas. By creating this basic wireframe that includes a general layout, you can start to picture how your website could look.

Website NavigationDetermine The Navigation

Remember your site should be easy-to-use and easy-to-read. When you are working on your sketch or doing research, always think about how far down you want customers to scroll and how you want them to get from page to page on your website.

Picking Images

This part in the design process always takes the longest. If you have ideas in your head already of the images you want, then you need to decide if you want stock photos, or if you want to use your own images. Stock photos are great because they are professional and pretty much ready to use, but the downside is anyone can purchase them and use them. We always recommend that if you have your own images that look good, use those because it will make your website unique and give it a personal touch.

Hire a Professional

Not everyone has the creative skills or time to design a website. It can be a challenge to create a design that reflects your company, brand or corporate culture in a way that attracts customers and keeps them on your website. Sometimes hiring a professional that specializes in designing websites is the best way to go. If you need website design services, you can always contact TruVisibility and we will find the design that meets your needs. Visit http://truvisibility.com/en/premiumservices for more information.

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