Some things are just better together: peanut butter and jelly, music and dancing, SEO and social media.

With all of the noise on the Internet, it is difficult to distinguish your brand from another. Social media enables brands to join the conversation, but it also provides the opportunity to rank within search engines.

Here are a few tips to optimize your social profiles.


About Me

The “About Me” descriptions are not just to inform your audience your brand’s purpose, mission, or products and services options. Use these information sections as an opportunity to be as descriptive as possible about your business while layering in key terms individuals commonly use to search for your business.


Includes links to your website and be sure to select a category when the opportunity is available.


SEO-friendly content

Once you’ve optimized your “About Me” descriptions, it is time to look to your social content. Whether you are linking to relevant blogs, your own blog or just posting everyday content about your business, your social media updates should be optimized to give your profiles an SEO boost.



Make your content shareable by adding social share functions to your blog and other content on your website. By creating shareable content, you are driving engagement, which leads to a better page rank.


How Pinteresting

Google has a special place within its algorithmic heart for Pinterest. By using Pinterest on a consistent basis and optimizing your profile description, board titles and pin descriptions, you are not only creating shareable content, but you are also creating the perfect opportunity for Google to rank your Pinterest profile and boards.


By making sure that your pins link back to your website also creates higher traffic, creating more opportunity for your website to rank as well. A great way to drive traffic using Pinterest is to leverage Rich Pins, or pins that pull information directly from your website and informs users of any changes to the information, such as price.



  • Create consistent vanity URLs for your social channels
    • Your custom Facebook URL should be the same as your custom Twitter, Google+ and YouTube URLs.
  • Image file names should have relevant key terms.
    • This will help you rank better when images are uploaded
  • Keep your business profiles public
  • Avoid duplicate content and keyword stuffing


When it comes to SEO and social media, remember, change does not happen overnight. By using these tips, you can increase your opportunities for a higher search engine page rank and add a little something extra to your SEO through encouraging the social conversations related to your brand.