The compulsion to consume information is as natural to us humans as breathing. We all have different preferences for data ingestion, whether it’s tech news, DIY home improvement tips or chocolate chip cookie recipes.


Social networks have made big business out of content aggregation. Facebook has moved close and closer to becoming more publisher than social network every year. Facebook Instant Articles are an excellent example of a product that has continues to evolve and achieve greater adoption, but what about content outside of social networks?


Traditional news outlets and blogs are prolific in the sphere of online information. There are various information services and it becomes unwieldy to simply visit a list of bookmarks to keep up with current events. Savvy internet users have multiple sources that they reach to for news such as podcasts, Reddit, Facebook, and blogs. The need to stay informed coupled with the fear of missing out can lead to a lot of clicking around.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to the Rescue

By leveraging RSS for a large grouping of your information sources, you can streamline the amount of information you scan through every day and minimize repetition. For example, if you like Wired magazine, you could end up visiting the homepage every day, and because content can live for weeks on the front page, you could waste precious eye scanning time as you re-read the masthead which is still populated with yesterday's big story. With an RSS feed, your feed is ONLY populated with new content and you can quickly dismiss things that are no longer of interest to you.

Feedly, A Powerful RSS

Feedly is a beautiful, efficient, powerful aggregator that can be used on the web, iOS and Android platforms. Feedly has excellent usability and built-in discovery tools to help extend and refine RSS feed sources. It is designed to quickly aggregate content from publications, blogs, vlogs, and private portals. In addition to providing a clean reading experience across devices, Feedly also has robust functionality for organizing, bookmarking, sharing and discovering content. The search functionality within Feedly can be especially useful if you are looking for an old article.


Feedly has a clean UX and crisp professional offerings for both individuals and teams that integrate with Hootsuite, Slack, Twitter and Google. The professional end also comes packaged with analytics and reporting.


Feedly is powerful because of its flexibility, a user can create one enormous list of feeds and consume all of the content that they can comb through, or they can split their topics into categories. Within categories, users can create favorite feeds and within feeds users can pin individual articles to boards to create curated collections to share with their friends and team members.



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